Monday, March 31, 2008

They Love Each Other

Last Friday I went back to Maple Lake because it was warmer and sunny and I thought I might still be able to enjoy the loons. Oh boy did I! These two swam next to each other the whole time.....I think they're in love!
Not just a spring fling they have, because I hear loons mate for life. Good luck Mr. and Mrs. Loon, I'm rooting for you!

Here is a handsome fellow. Do you see his bill, it's rather white. I can't figure out if that's the sun's reflection or if it was really was lighter because their bill does turn gray in the fall/winter.
I do not know if they are still at Maple Lake or if they started their trip to the North.
Someday when I retire, I want to retreat like Mr. and Mrs. Loon to the North, where the air is clean and the surroundings are peaceful and my neighbors are the Loons!