Monday, March 3, 2008

Evidence of Spring

Here in Chicago we were cruelly teased with a bit of spring like weather yesterday. With temperatures souring to 53ºF and a much needed appearance from the sun...sure enough I thought spring was on its way!
"Not quite that fast!" Winter said.
Temperatures are plummeting as we speak with 3" of snow on it's way once again to blanket the ground tomorrow.
Now, I love snow and all, but when I saw this.......

I thought surely the birds know! The birds know spring is here somewhere!
This is a female sparrow on the birdhouse in my backyard. Notice the material in here beak. That birdhouse raised 3 broods of sparrows last summer. It was very exciting to watch them all grow. I felt like grandmother sparrow.

Peek-A-Boo...I still see you!

Here is Papa, he was cleaning the last bit of debris from the house. What a good man he is! I love the sprawl of his tail feather and his heart shaped doubt he is demonstrating his labor of love.