Sunday, March 9, 2008

Class Painting

Last week in Gary Wick's pastel painting class, he had everyone paint from the same picture and had us finish it in 2.5 hours. Even though the size is pretty small (9x6), that's still pushing it, to complete a painting in such a short amount of time!
Well, he must have taught us something right, because everyone did finished it.
When Gary was in Italy taking a bus tour, he took a picture of a field and made copies so that everyone can have one.
Here is my painting:

Gary made just one restriction. You had to paint the picture upside down. From start to finish! Now, I can handle a few twigs upside down, but the whole entire thing? That's really hard!
The trick is just to look for shapes. Don't think tree, sky, mountains...think block, oval, and squiggly lines. It's like painting blind, your brain doesn't really make sense of what you're looking at.
Here is what I was staring at:

You really can only be sure of shapes and colors to succeed at painting in this manner.
It was so much fun at the end of the class to turn them right side up and see all of the beautiful variations the students came up with. No two paintings were the same, all of the colors were slightly different and some students decided to leave a few trees out. It was so fascinating to see the differences, I wish I had brought my camera!

I have decided to name this painting, Italian Countryside. The painting is 9x6 and mounted to fit a 14x11 medium wood frame with a 2.5" off white mat. It is currently not for sale right now, because I'm in love with it. He...he...he.
You might find it for sale in a few months at

You can tell Gary that was proud of us and I think we were surprised ourselves!