Friday, March 14, 2008

The Best Sky Ever

Another beautiful spring like day today with 52ºF and better yet, a sky that exploded in color and unleashed an energy of excitement at exactly 6:15pm.
Oh how fortunate am I, to be able to experience life's subtle pleasures and capture a fraction of time, embedding it into my memory....and sharing it with my friends.

You might think that the sunset is reflecting off of a lake, but no, that is a puddle of melted snow in the middle of a large field. I spotted this puddle, across the field from a parking lot. I decided to take a chance, grabbed my camera and started to walk towards the water. I'm so glad I did, I was able to capture these beautiful shots. Here is a solitary oak leaf submerged in that melted snow...

You can see how shallow the water is in this picture. I love that single oak, it must have traveled quite far, because there is no tree close by.

I held the camera almost all the way to the ground for this picture. It creates a nice perspective and the grasses in the foreground really come into focus. Not only that, but it gives the puddle a real lake like quality, making it look huge!
I get real excited when I see such beauty. Jumping up and down is not out of the question when overcome by the excitement nature has to offer. Believe me, I was jumping! Just a little.