Thursday, March 13, 2008

Little Pond

With temperatures finally reaching 57ºF and a blue sky I couldn't refuse, I decided to take a walk to a nearby pond on my lunch break today. I shall name this man made pond, Little Pond, because it is little and I don't know the name of it.

Little pond has one very large tree on the property, I love it's character! Today a robin landed on one of the top branches and sang to me a tweet tune. That's the first robin I spotted this year! Tweet!

Here is a portrait style picture of Little Pond from bank to bank. I love this picture because of all of the colors it captures. From the top: Sky blue, russet, amber, sienna, green gray, blue, gray, reds in the berries (can you spot that?) and raw sienna! A full pallet of color.
I love the little pools of blue in the middle of the melting ice. How neat!

Little Pond also has some "lake front property". I believe it's vacant, but it probably comes with a hefty price tag and I'm scared to imagine the taxes! BTW, the neighbors are animals and being nocturnal, you might not catch a wink! Beautiful view though!
Haaaa, haaa, haa, ha!