Tuesday, March 18, 2008

End of Day Pastel

© 2008 Christine Kane Art

This pastel was created after I was driving home through the country, passing many farms, trying to get on the highway and suddenly fell in love with these trees against a setting sun. I pulled off the side of the road, ignored my family's moans and groans about having to stop, and took a beautiful picture. "Nature doesn't wait for us...." I explained to them, "You have to be ready or else it's gone!"
Well, I'm ready!

What is it about this winter picture that I liked so much?
The best feature is the dramatic skeleton shape of the trees against a warm sunset. I love warm sunsets (reds, oranges, yellows) in the winter time, it's such an ironic contrast. Next, you can still see the rows that the farmer left behind after harvest....proof of man. The cool colors (blues and purples) accented on the field, I placed to represent the cool night quickly approaching. "Hurry home!" It says, "Before the cold night takes over!"

This painting is titled, End of Day. It is available at Christine Kane Art on the pastel page.
Hope you enjoy