Thursday, March 20, 2008

Winter's Grip

Look at what I found in a puddle right by my work this morning! It's a half melted / half frozen puddle.
What's so special about this puddle?
Notice how it melted, the left side is obediently melting like a good piece of ice should. The right side however, is rebelling all the way...leaving shards so sharp you don't want to go near it!

Why do I like the right side better? Is that bad?
NOPE, just a lot more interesting! Here is a close up....

How can something be so fragile and look so dangerous at the same time? What lovely ice structures that formed in the night. What do you think was the cause of such a difference in melting patterns?
How nature keeps my interest at all times! Fascinating!

This winter is behaving like the right side, very rebellious. During the night tonight, we are to receive another winter storm with several inches of snow. How winter has it's grip on us! Easter is in a few day and it feels surreal. How can the Easter Bunny find his way through all that snow? When I think of Easter, I think of spring! Winter will once again put us in our place and once again I am humbled.