Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yellow Rumped Warbler in My Yard!

Well, I didn't have my camera and I can't prove it, but a yellow rumped warbler flew right by me in his winter costume in my own back yard! Whooo Hoooo! I was going to the garage this morning where I keep birdseed in a varmint proof container, as I was walking I heard a tiny, "chup, chup, chup", which stopped me dead in my tracks because I didn't recognize it and knew it wasn't a cardinal, downy woodpecker or sparrow. I spotted this tiny little bird getting closer and closer to me. First he was on the top branches, next lower ones, then he flew and landed on my gutter about 6 feet from me. The whole time he's looking at me as if he wanted me to give him something! Getting even closer, he flew to my fence, facing me, looking at me in the eyes, then he flew away! I completely saw his yellow rump and yellow on his flank (tip of wing by his "shoulder"). I really don't know if it was a he or she because in winter, the males molt (change feather color) to a dull color, similar to the female.

Ohhh, if I only had a bug on me or berries or something!

Let's learn about the Yellow Rumped Warbler:

Small bird about 5-6"
Both male & female have distinctive yellow on head, flank, and rump
Winters south, also in southern Illinois, mine was probably on his way
Eats insects & berries
Will migrate in large flocks
Calls with a "chip" or "chup" sound

BTW: Happy Birthday Spaz!!! Also a Happy Birthday to Tom aka Monarch!!!