Monday, October 15, 2007

Be Green Like Liverwort

Today is Blog Day for the Environment. The subject is supposed to be "green". I made a commitment to do this and sign up, because, he, he, he, every time I post it's in some way about the environment, so I couldn't screw it up!
Look my subject is literally green!

This is liverwort. I found it growing on a rock in the canyon at Camp Sagawau.

If you are like a scientist, here is your definition:
1 : any of a class (Hepaticae) of bryophytic plants characterized by a thalloid gametophyte or sometimes an upright leafy gametophyte that resembles a moss.

If you are a normal person like myself, here is your definition:

1: Beautiful moss looking plant that need much moisture to grow. Can grow on the ground, or on rocks, or on decaying trees. It is non-vascular, meaning it has no veins to carry water and food. It's enemy is the sun or heat, which will kill it quickly. We just love it because it's beautiful.

Here is an up close, little blurry pic of it's beautiful green "leaves". Can you see the lighter green spots? I believe these are pores? Maybe, maybe not. Somebody need to do an abstract painting of this liverwort close up! That would look great!

Moral of today's post: If we are not careful we will lose such awesome creations with our careless lifestyles. If we take the time now and learn how to be more "green", we can preserve plants like this for the next generation to blog about, or paint, or sing about. (Is there a liverwort song out there???)