Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More Arrowhead Lake

This is on the opposite end of the lake along the paved trail. Lovely birch trees with their bright bark making nice contrast in the background! These trees edge the forest and in front grows a quiet meadow where I witnessed a hawk swoop over and disappear into darkness. So many painting ideas, so little time. What a peaceful autumn evening.

Here is another view looking towards the lake opposite of the meadow. The setting sun really brings out the purple colors.

Oh lookie here! This young deer was way too brave to be eating this close to me. I stood still and he just kept getting closer. Mom was about 50 feet away constantly staring at me! Do you see this little trail he is about to cross? That trail leads you through some trees to a residential block. Those lucky ducky people can just wake up in the morning and hop on this trail whenever they want!