Monday, October 22, 2007

It's a Boy!

Nobody even knew I was expecting. Let's name him Henry. Isn't he cute!
You can tell a male downy from a female because of the red on his head, which surprisingly, my true blue, trusty Kodak Easy Share got a good picture of at a 3x zoom, through a window! By the way, this picture does not need to be rotated, Henry is striking a horizontal pose for us, what talent!
Henry is very comfortable with humans around. Earlier, I went to fill the seed feeder, which is right next to the suet feeder and with every slow step forward, I was surprised how close he was letting me get. He allowed me to be within 10 feet of him! He then flew just above my head when I filled the feeder and returned as soon as I was done. He's so sweet!

I usually see the female at the suet feeder. That must be his wife. We should give her a name! The first person to give me a name for her, gets to name her, no matter what the name is!!! What will the female downy woodpecker's name be???