Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stella's Back

Stella's back and today she is showing us a great example of how she uses her tail feathers to support herself when foraging for food. Their stiff tail feathers holds the woodpeckers in place, aiding in balance so they can have enough strength to poke though bark and such. Do you see her black tail feather sticking straight up, resting on the corner of the suet cage? What balance!
I was having such a fun time watching her, but then all of a sudden, she flew away along with many other birds because the dookie was going to hit the fan.....

Here comes trouble! Not only did this stray upset Stella, but she made my cat Clover tremble with anxiety! Clover is bird friendly, she loves to sit and watch them everyday and is not allowed to go outside to hurt them, however trouble kitty was looking for a meal. Clover does not like trouble kitty.