Monday, October 8, 2007

Do We Walk Amongst the Dead?

YOU BET WE DO! And we didn't even realize it! This tiny cemetery is located within the Tinley Creek Trail system, about one half block east of Harlem on 135th St. It is were the trail crosses over 135th Street. I have never seen this before. It just goes to show, you can live here for years, but if you don't personally inspect every inch of land yourself, you can miss out on a "big one". Notice the green moss growing on the bottom of the stones. I just love it.

The sign tells of the Saurbier Family, Friedrich and Louisa (nee Burkhardt), from Langensalse Saxony, currently Germany, who chose this spot to settle on a farm. Louisa's parents (Burkhardt's) also settled here too. According to the sign, Friedrich and Louisa had a total of 12 children! I had to laugh when I read the names of their children because Child #8 was named Augusta and child #9 was August, were they male and female twins or did they run out of names?

The sign also tells us that 9 other family members possibly are buried at this sight. Possibly? Nine others?!? I only see 2 large stones and maybe something in the middle. Where are the rest? You bet we walk amongst the dead. Can you guess who the grave keeper may be? Why it's.........

This male whitetail deer! Don't worry Mr. Whitetail, I visit with respect. In awe and respect.