Friday, October 19, 2007

The Power of Pine

This picture is from the beginning of a trail at Swallow Cliff South in Palos Heights, IL. At this very spot there was an overwhelming scent of pine and it stopped me in my tracks. When my senses regained normalcy, I took a deep, deep whiff, real slow like, to enjoy every second. I love the smell of pine.
Right now, before I started this post, I lit a candle from Yankee Candle Company called Balsam & Cedar, it is one of my favorite candle scents. It reminds me of the strong aroma I experienced at Swallow Cliff even though these trees have nothing to do with balsam or cedar, these trees are white pines.
Do you see the ground in this picture, how brown it is? It's not dead grass but a sea of dried up pine needles!

A whole great big sea! Here is a close up of the beautiful pine needles. White pine needles are in bundles of 5 and are 4-8 inches long in length. I wonder how big the pile would be if I swept them all together?

What other pine smells rock? Why Pine Sol of course! I have a big economy size bottle myself.
Why do we love the smell of pine so much? Is it because we associate it with being clean? Or maybe we dream of being in the forest, alone and at peace? Perhaps it is like the spikenard and gives a calming effect. I don't analyze, I just enjoy!