Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hackberry Close Up

This is the bark of a mature hackberry tree, isn't it beautiful? Doesn't the close up remind you of canyons and valleys? The ridges are very deep and I just love the pattern it created. Caterpillars have been known to set up shop in these crevices for their transformations. How cool!
Once again, I think this picture would make a great abstract painting, go ahead abstract painters, you can use this picture for inspiration.

Here I tried to show the depth by placing my finger in the crevice of the bark. It's deep. Now, young hackberry trees have smooth grey-brown bark, so if you see these ridges, you know it's a mature tree.

Let's Learn About the Hackberry Tree:

Grows 30-40 feet tall.
Leaves are 2.5-4 inches long, with toothed edges and pointed top.
Dark red to purple fruits ripen in autumn.
Birds love the fruit.
Part of the Elm Family.
Where in the US? North Central to North Eastern states.