Monday, October 1, 2007

Arrowhead Lake Tinley Trails

This is beautiful Arrowhead Lake, tucked away in the middle of the fast paced Palos area and part of the Tinley Creek Trail system. I love the fact that I can get a Walgreen, McDonald's, and Speedway Gas on every one block then turn to the next block and be in another world, in deep forest or lush meadows, even this lakeside retreat. Many people fish in this lake and it is surrounded by paved trails, perfect for bikers, joggers, and nature lovers.

On this particular day I heard many frogs trilling in the distance and a very persistent cardinal chirping fast and loud! What's the matter crazy cardinal?

This picture is really beautiful and would make for a great abstract painting. At the very edge of the lake grows water plants while multi-colored autumn leaves float by. I love the deep purple, orange, yellow and burgundy hues. So much fun!