Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Handsome Mr. Blue Jay

You might be saying, "She really must like birds, huh?"
Well, truth is I really do like birds, that's why I talk about then all the time. I especially like the birds that don't like me, or shall I say, the birds that don't visit my feeder much.
This is my neighbor's seed feeder. Look, the blue jay likes to visit his feeder. Maybe it's because my seed feeder is on a hook and swings in the wind and his feeder is mounted on a secure, but slanted pole? Whatever the case, handsome Mr. Blue Jay NEVER visits my feeder.
That's OK, I still love him. Look, he's just as handsome from the front as his is from the back...

He will become one of my paintings one day, I'm sure.

Let's Learn About the Blue Jay:

Large bird, about 12"
Year round in Chicago area
Mid blue to dark blue with white face and black "necklace"
Very aggressive to other birds, bully actually
Eats insects, fruit, nuts, seeds, will visit your neighbor's feeder
Will alarm other birds of intruders, like hawks or owls

Interesting note, This is what God says about birds:

"I know every bird of the mountains, and every thing that moves in the field is Mine."
Ps 50:11

Wow. Every bird. I couldn't learn every bird of the world if I tried, but He made them all.
I write, paint and research about nature because it keeps me awestruck. I think I learn a little more everyday about our Creator and how much He loves us. I hope I never master the subject but am always a student and continue to be dazzled my His works.