Sunday, October 21, 2007

Red Breasted Nuthatch Beauty

Yesterday a red breasted nut hatch landed on my suet feeder. I can't prove it because I didn't have my camera, so I painted his watercolor picture! At the time he landed, a male downy woodpecker was having breakfast, so the little nuthatch hopped around excitedly, but was too impatient to wait it's turn so he flew away. Little Stinker. That's OK, I'm sure he'll be back when I still don't have my camera.

Let's Learn About the Red Breasted Nuthatch:

In Chicago, only around in winter as opposed to white breasted nuthatch (year round).
Tiny bird 4.5 inches.
Black cap on head and black bandit eyes.
Chestnut-Russet colored tummy.
Hops down a tree head first, not up a tree.
Wedges seeds in crevices to hatch with bill.
Eats seeds, insects, & suet.

Thank you little red breasted nuthatch for your visit, please come again soon and stay much longer!