Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Beauty of Silence

This picture reminds me of silence. I took it last Friday evening. Looking at such beauty makes me go silent every time. Perhaps it is because I can not match it or explain exactly how it became, stop it in it's tracks or extend it's time to remain. Silence is truly good for us and in a world as chaotic as the one we live in, it is fleeting fast. I believe God whispers to us like this sunset, soft, quietly, but if you don't pay attention, gone in a hurry.

Today I sat in my car during lunch to get away from noise. I closed my eyes and just became still. At first, I heard ringing in my head. It was probably my brain in shock from lack of phones, machines, voices and the such. Shortly after, my senses awoke and I saw the boughs of a pine bounce because of the gentle wind. When it blew harder, I heard it whip in between the cars and felt a tiny little shake. It was subtle and if I wasn't silent, I would have missed it. I love the little details. I need to take my vitamin of silence everyday.