Monday, February 18, 2008

What's Lurking in that Water?

Don't you fret....that's not a monster about to jump up and get you, only a harmless log. A log with a mean face and stern eyes and pretend mouth at Lake Katherine! Can you see it?
I love, love, love this picture. Whooo Hooo!
There are several highlights here:
First, Being an artist, I immediately noticed the gentle gradation from light blue (top) to light green (middle) then finally dark green (bottom). Color kicks butt.
Second, notice the cracks in the sinking ice. Looks like sharp pieces of glass. NEAT-O.
Third, reflecting trees in the background.....always a plus, thank you trees.
And lastly but not leastly, the creature in the foreground....mysterious, spooky, weird, awesome, all those at once!
Hey...It really doesn't take much to amuse me.
This next picture also amused me....

I love beautiful pictures on a gray day! No sun, no problem!
That green color near the edge of the water just fascinates me! Why is it so green?
I also notice a large crack in the ice in this picture. It appears that the ice sank, then began to crack (or vise versa) due to the warm weather which has quickly disappeared because right now it is only 10ºF!
Oh well, no matter what type of weather is thrown at us we always can find mystery and beauty in nature!
Nature rocks!