Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mammoth Icicle

Warning: Don't stand underneath this!
This message was brought to you by concerned snowmen and women who've witnessed unnecessary injuries to humans.
You'll poke you're eye out.
Or you'll lie and say that you did while hiding the fact that your favorite toy harmed you.

Ha ha ha
Just kidding! This gigantic set of icicles formed when our weather became a little mild after all the snow we received, but before all the snow we received today. Wheeeew!
Some parts of the state was SLAMMED with snow this morning. Gurnee officially received 13" in one day! As if that wasn't bad enough, the wind gust was constant at around 30mph.
Winter is kicking our butts.

Traces of beauty are left to be discovered even in the midst of a treacherous winter. My icicle is beautiful. I like the form and ripples in each spear. The best part was found directly below on the ground....

These are reverse icicles. They were formed drip by drip as the cold air refroze each drop. These reverse icicles were about 3 inches long, they almost look like crystals standing straight up. I'm sure there is probably some scientific name for a reverse icicle. If anyone knows what that name is, please let us know. Don't worry, I won't even call you a smarty farty.