Friday, February 15, 2008

The Scale of Things

Ok......the last picture from Starved Rock, I promise!

Inspect the scale of this picture. Notice how tiny the people are to the rocks.
Pretty awesome.
I hear the word "scale" come up a lot in my place of work. Contractors need to review blueprints to scale in order to give an accurate bid on a project. A blueprint in correct scale mathematically converts to a trained eye, the cost of materials needed to build a building. If the scale is incorrect the cost to build is incorrect and disaster in the future is inevitable.

Now, lets ponder this picture and relate to our own human scale.
In our fast paced lifestyles we seem to think we have the control to be in control. These last few weeks with the sad shootings of the customers at a retail store in Tinley Park, Il, and the Northern IL University shooting of students, and the St. Louis shooting over a court case, I wonder......why are these things happening, are we out of control?

I'm afraid the emphasis to take God out of everything, to quiet that light as to not "offend" people, has grown a generation of lost wanderers who are in the dark.
Are we missing the scale?
Look at the rocks. There is something much bigger than ourselves that created this for us, loves us, died for us, and currently wants a relationship with us.
Why do bad things happen? If there is a God, why does He allow it?
Because we are not robots but each of us possess free will. Free to do evil and free to do good. The ones who inflict such horrible pain, are truly without light, who have calculated an incorrect scale with disastrous results.

I pray for the families who have been effected by these recent tragedies and I pray that we can somehow divert future ones.