Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lake Katherine and Thunder

Today was another strange weather day. Our warm temperatures of 47ºF brought a mini thunderstorm and high winds. Catching a break in between buckets of rain, I decided to make a quick stop at Lake Katherine in the middle of beautiful Palos Heights, IL.

Lake Katherine is a man made lake which attracts many migratory birds because of it's location next to the Cal Sag River. It is a wonderful hide-a-way with a mile long wood chipped covered trail, easy to walk when you only have a few minutes to spare.
Who lives at the lake? Why these wise guys do....

What did the left duck say to the ones on the right? "You guys quack me up!" AH HAHAHAHAHA!

OK maybe that was a little lame. But look at these guys.....

I love their reflection on the ice, just like a mirror. They were statue still and standing in the middle of the lake which has an island of ice. The ice on the edge of the lake is beginning to melt and crack and has a green ting to it, which was really beautiful...more pictures tomorrow.