Monday, February 11, 2008

View From the Rock

Let's Experience This Picture:

You're standing on top of Starved Rock looking west. You can hear the loud roar of water from the dam which is behind you. Small patches of foam on the Illinois river catch your eye as you watch them float further down. Even though the sky is heavy with a thick gray blanket, that doesn't dampen your spirits because suddenly, you hear the bald eagles talk to each other...something you've never experienced before and to the gloomy day's demise, you smile. The smell of water and snow circle around as the chilly wind pushes you like a bully wanting you off the rock. "No," you say, "let me have these moments...let me steal a few more."

I love that picture not only because it's beautiful and I can feel all of those feelings again when I look at it, but I also love how it kicks butt as far as composition! This will definitely turn into a painting some day. Ohhh, so many little time!

Starved Rock has tons of canyons, but unfortunately there were many steep stairs on the trail that were completely iced over. Much too dangerous. Even with my hiking boots, I was all over the place, slipping here, flapping my arms there, trying to keep my balance.
This picture shows a tiny frozen waterfall. Can you see it? It's as if winter came by and stopped time in an instant, like you see on cartoons. Well that's not how it really happens, but it's fun to imagine a character like mean old winter, using his superpowers to create havoc!