Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Log Carving at Lake Katherine

Just another beautiful picture from Lake Katherine! Doesn't this picture look like it should be located somewhere in Colorado? If you follow this man made stream, you end up at a man made waterfall. Right at this spot it really started to rain. I'm all for walking in the rain when it's WARM...but I was freezing like a popsicle so I ran like it was going to melt me and I went for my car! Needless to say, I didn't make it to the waterfall.
Check out the color tug of war going on in this picture. Green and red are complimentary colors located opposite of each other on the color wheel. The light tan grasses in the middle of the picture is the referee, the green pines at the top of the picture is going to battle it out with the reds from the twigs on the bottom of the picture! Who will be victorious?

Make art not war....Look at what was sitting by the lake! Some very talented artist carved an expressive face into this log. It has beautiful eyes. When I walked passed, it smelled like a freshly sharpened pencil. Oooo, I love that smell.
So much fun at Lake Katerine of Palos Heights!