Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where are U Honeybees?

"Hey Bert bear!", "Yes, Bill bear." "Where did all our friends go?" "I don't know, I hope they figure it out beefore it's too late!"

OK, I had way too much fun with that one! The fact is there seems to be a phenomenon of missing honey bees and we haven't fully understood why. That's not fun. Not just a few are missing but a lot. This is a big problem since they pollinate our trees and plants, which produces our food! I have noticed this in the Chicago area, or maybe it's my imagination? I did see one yesterday in the parking lot of Super K-Mart. Silly bee, there are no flowers in the parking lot; those yellow stripes are not filled with sweetness! He was probably chasing after some body's pop can.

Please watch Nightline (ABC) tonight, they are having a special on this bee problem.

On a happy note, here is a bumblebee doing her job in my garden on my purple salvia (perennial). Lovely fuzzy lady. Actually, there were three of them on this plant, the other two flew away as I approached. I try not to spray pesticides on the plants which may contribute to bee problems.