Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Friend Mr. Cardinal

Here is a picture of my feeders in front of my living room window. I have two shepard hooks, one holding a suet cage (I think the peanut butter flavor is in this one) and the other holds seed. I love these feeders. Many visitors stop by for a snack and I never tire from sitting in my lazy boy with a nice cup of joe watching my winged friends. Today, my friend Mr. Cardinal stopped by. Isn't he handsome? Mrs. Cardinal came first, she's a beautiful olive and yellow color, but very camera shy. Every time I tried to get a little closer for a pic, she took off in a flash. We went at it 3 times! They usually stick pretty close together and call out to each other with their distinctive "chip", "chip."
Here is a close up. Look at that crown! Just amazing. This isn't the best quality close up, I really need a zoom lens, I'm using a Kodak Easy Share and it took a good pic through the window though. I think tonight I'll try to make a painting of him.