Monday, August 20, 2007

He Visits Me at Dusk

This is a watercolor I did from the picture I took a couple days ago of my friend the cardinal. He visits me everyday right at dusk, when I think its too late for birds to be out. I love him.
I love watercolors too, although my favorite is pastels. Pastels because of the pure pigments in your hands, they translate such bright and true color; and watercolor because they're free and mysterious. You don't really have total control of the watercolor. It's like a compromise dance, I place you here (the color) and it moves where it wants. Don't get me wrong, artists can control watercolors and make a photo realistic painting, but if I want a photo, I'll take a photo. Let the paint be free and lose a little control and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. When you release control the painting gains emotion. Very fun.

Here is a little poem about the cardinal, I hope you enjoy:

He visits me at dusk,
To bid to me goodnight.
I hear him in the pines,
Of scarlet his disguise.
He brings me to the window,
A smile acquired at sight.
I'll look for you tomorrow,
My little fleeting prize.

© 2007 c.kane

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Enjoy nature and enjoy what God has made you!