Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Canadian Geese

Here in Chicago we have Canadian Geese pretty much year round. They usually summer in Canada and winter in the southern US states, but I see them all the time. Once, (about a year ago) I woke in the middle of the night to (it seemed like thousands), of migrating geese flying over my house. Their calls sent shivers because I knew there must have been hundreds at least. I ran to the window and the sky was blackened with geese. Much excitement! Anyway these geese were spotted at Little Red Schoolhouse and the middle one was NOT happy with me. They will "hiss" when disturbed. He kept a vigilant lookout, making sure I didn't get too close. The other two were feeding on aquatic grasses in St. John's Slough. They submerge their heads when feeding under water.
Notice the pink wild hibiscus to the left of the geese. There were many of these light pink and dark pink ones dotting the shore line.