Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Interesting Findings

Here is an oak tree with "the 17 year" cicada larvae damage. Here in the Chicago area we were invaded by the 17 year cicada. This means every 17 years these red eyed cicadas emerge from underground, climb up everything, mate, lay their young, and drop back down. When they lay the young, the female cuts a slit in the twig of outlaying branches and the larvae feed on the sap, causing little damage to some leaves. We also have annual cicadas which do not do as much harm. This tree is at The Little Red Schoolhouse, Willow Springs.

What are these beetles? Maybe they're not even beetles? I know little bug facts. Aren't they interesting? I found these guys at Little Red Schoolhouse on a young oak tree near an open field about 2 weeks ago. If anyone can identify these guys please be kind to let me know. Thanks! I don't know if they are eating bark or kissing? They had very little movement.