Friday, August 24, 2007

Chicago Storms

Picture #1 Radar at 6:30pm
Picture #2 Green Sky and Buckets of Rain at 6:43pm
Yesterday, Aug. 23rd, Chicago was hit with 2 very large storms. The news is calling it the "one, two punch." At around 3:30pm the first and more impressive storm hit. I was at work when suddenly the sky turned black. Now, you know it's something big when it happens real fast. We all stood outside and witnessed a very large wall cloud coming fast. WOW! A wall cloud looks like it sounds, a cloud from the sky to almost the ground. Of course my camera was at home collecting some dust, what do ya know. Anyway we quickly, with much excitement (we like storms), moved inside when the blast hit. The weather people measured 70mph winds! The rain came in buckets, sideway buckets! Then, the happiest moment in an employee's life - no power! "Yeahhhh!" We shouted. "Goin' home early."
Unfortunately, on the way home many trees and power lines were down causing much delay. Then around 6:30 we were hit with the second punch! I tried to take a picture (#2) of what it looked like outside when storm #2 hit. The sky was completely green and more buckets of rain came. This storm however was not as strong and much slower in movement, but still was exciting to watch as I ate my gourmet Hamburger Helper.
In the Chicago area we have had rain everyday for the past 9 days (global warming??). Not just rain but tons of rain. This has made the ground soggy and explains why there were so many trees down. The northern part of the area has been hit much harder causing much flooding. There are worse places in the midwest that are completely flooded and have lost lives because of it. I'm sure you have been hearing a lot about the Midwest on the news lately. Maybe we can say a prayer for all those families affected.
If you want to see pictures of the storm from abc news viewers, click here. I'm not sure how long this link will be good, maybe for a few days.
My dad, who loves storms and has caused me to love them too, unfortunately lives in Arizona, which receives rain for about one minute a year. Too bad dad, you missed a good one! :)