Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Starling Bully

The starlings have taken over the suet cage. Poor, poor Stella and Henry Woodpecker!
Now that it's spring, the starlings have returned in full force. Gone are the days when I would watch my little woodpecker friends visit every hour to have a snack. The starlings are bullies and scare my poor Stella and Henry downy woodpeckers away. Starlings are large and fight all the time. When battling each other for prime position on the cage, they make this really annoying screeching sound. "Screech, screech, look I'm bigger than you, go away!"
Since I rarely see my woodpecker friends and the suet cakes are disappearing in lightning speed, I'm thinking about repo-ing the cage and maybe replacing it with a nice orange and jelly holder as to try and attract Baltimore Orioles. I'll return the suet in the late fall early winter for my Stella and Henry, when the starling numbers dwindle!

Do starlings like oranges too?