Thursday, May 8, 2008

Springtime Wildflowers

Oh lovely little yellow (I don't know your name) wildflower, how the odds are against you! Choked by those rocks, you would much rather be by the others in the grass. Don't worry, I will step around you as not to do you harm and wish you some luck!
This wildflower/weed growing against the odds gives me strength as I understand it's hardship. Beautiful things come from struggle. I have to remind myself.

Look your friend, Mr. Purple (I don't know your name either) wildflower is having a swell time in his pebbly surrounding, you two have something in common!

If any wildflower/weed specialist can give us a name for these two, it would be like receiving a present! I always appreciate people who are smarter than myself (and there are many of them), to help educate this site!
Thanks ahead!