Saturday, May 3, 2008

Perfect Pose

No, this is not a lawn ornament. It is not a statue that has been painted, or will be dressed in ridiculous outfits for every season!
This was a real breathing male mallard that just happened to turn sideways for a perfect pose.
Thank you Mr. Mallard.

Notice those curly end feathers by his rump? I'm sure there is a nifty name for it. Any smart fowler is welcome to educate us on that nifty term...please?!?
Anyway, this gentleman was guarding a female who was digging in the grass with her bill for food...I guess. I thought I saw her with a worm, I'm not sure.
This male did a very good job protecting her from humans and other male mallards, walking with her every step of the way studying the surroundings, being very alert.
A protector, a gentleman, and handsome.....every female duck's dream!