Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Henry & Stella Update

Henry Hooked for Suet

Handsome Henry's Backside

Stella Gets a Turn

Look...I'm like a proud mom showing photos!
I took these pictures of my feathered children Sunday morning. They're looking healthy and doing great!

It was much fun to watch them "play" at the feeder. Henry would land on top of that shepard's hook and Stella would almost run him over and land on the hook herself, then Henry would do the same to her. Awww.... maybe they're flirting. How cute. Now some bird expert is thinking right now, "No stupid, they're being territorial!"
Well, moms have a way with never seeing the bad, so I think they're playing :)

Henry and Stella are enjoying berry suet from Wal-Mart. They also love peanut (their fav) and apple. Some people might be asking, "What's suet?"
Suet is animal fat mixed with seeds, nuts, or fruit. It is mixed in the form of a square and you place it in a suet cage. It smells and is gross to touch but it is high energy food, which they need. That is very important especially during the winter when it's a little bit harder for them to find insects.
For the summer, you can also buy year round suet which doesn't melt in warm weather.
You can find a whole slew of flavors now or you can make your own recipe.

Pretty cheap too:
Cage $2.99
Suet $1.50
Hook $10.00

Place one about 6 feet from your window and enjoy a variety of birds while helping them to survive this winter!