Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winter Bird

There are two birdies in this picture. Can you spot them? One is a winter bird and one is an all year bird. Which one do you think is the winter bird?
You're right! The one on the upper right is the dark eyed junco. He visits us only in the winter time. I really love this winter bird. They arrived in our area about a month ago, migrating from Canada. I've had a real hard time getting them to strike a pose until today....

Got you little stinker! Juncos like to feed off of the ground. That's what this guy is doing right here. While it's true they prefer the ground to feed, I did see some on my finch feeder in the backyard this morning. They're not the most graceful on the feeder, flappin' their wings a hundred times!

Let's Learn about the Dark Eyed Junco:

Migrates to Chicago in the winter only.
Small bird 5.5".
Male has black bodies with white tummies and bill.
Female lighter in color.
Outer tail is white, when in flight looks live a "V".
Likes to feed from the ground, seeds and insects.
They scratch with their feet to uncover food.
Seen in groups.
Males like to migrate further south than females, they're brave.

Enjoy them before warmer weather send them back North!