Thursday, December 13, 2007

Negative Painting

In this case "negative" is not a bad word!

These are negative ink wash paintings of oak leaves that I collected while on a hike.
What is negative painting? Negative painting is painting outside of the subject. Sort of like painting the "air" around the leaf.
What is ink wash? Ink wash is in this case is India ink and water applied with a bamboo brush. I really like the contrast and this type of painting technique seems to exaggerate the shape of the leaf. Cool effect.

It is interesting to note the different shapes. Oak leaves especially reminds me of people. Some are tall and skinny (like the bottom leaf and my dad), some top heavy (like the top leaf), and some bottom heavy. They're all wonderfully made each with their own characteristics. I love them all. I wouldn't want them to look the same. No way.

Some other good negatives? Negative bills, negative aches and pains, negative worries, negative debt, a negative criminal record, a negative biopsy....

Here's wishing you good negatives this Holiday Season!