Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Spaz's Titmouse

Ooooh, I'm so jealous! My friend spaz, has a titmouse that visits her wreath peanut feeder. Isn't it beautiful?
I don't have no titmouse visit my at my house!

Spaz bought this wire wreath peanut feeder at Wild Birds Unlimited. What a cute feeder and really not expensive at $11.00, although their 5lb peanuts @ $14.00 is a little high! Folks, look for unsalted peanuts in the shell for much less at the grocery store! Make sure it's unsalted for our feathered friends, we don't need to give them high blood pressure!

Since the female and the male titmouse looks the same, we can't tell if this is a he or she, but fortunately the titmouse is an all year bird in the Illinois area, that means if Spaz keeps her wreath full, she can expect this bird in all months. I can't because the titmouse doesn't visit my house!

She did inform me that a "heifer" took the wreath down recently. That's probably a squirrel that jumped on the wreath to eat the nuts and his weight broke the hook that connected the wreath to the porch roof.
Stupid heifer squirrel!
I have terrible squirrel problems, so making peanuts available is not a great idea at my house, but don't you give up Spaz..... sprinkle your nuts with cayenne pepper or something...they mustn't win...we will out smart them yet!

Dear Titmouse:
I love you, little birdie, even if I can't provide the best food for you. Please continue to visit my friend, Spaz. She's trying to provide the best for you. If you shall see a "heifer" on your wreath, nip him in the behind and teach him a lesson. If you find the courage and strength come over to my house, bring a legion of your buddies and get all of my squirrels too! That way I can provide the best for you too!
Chicago Nature Lady

PS: Thank you Spaz for your beautiful pictures!