Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nuthatch Somewhere

Thank you to Jennifer ( A Passion for Nature) aka Winterwomen, who gave me some neat information on the red-breasted nuthatch...

She states,"
Red-breasted nuthatches are one of the irruptive species. When their normal wintering grounds are scarce on food, they make "irruptions" into other wintering grounds. That's why we don't see them every year..."

Who knew, not me!

She also gave a link to a cool birding blog with a post on this subject:
Here's the Stokes blog:

Don't forget to visit Winterwoman's blog as well....awesome text and breathtaking photos!

PS I still haven't seen my red-breasted nuthatch, I did change my bird feed to sunflower, I can't put peanuts outside 'cuz my neighbor feeds the squirrels peanuts and they have formed an army....ready to attack me...I just know it!