Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Calm Before the Storm

This is a picture I took today at about 3:30pm. I was in the middle of nowhere in Frankfort, IL. This picture represents the calm before the snow storm. Oh how I love snow storms!
All night tonight and during the day tomorrow, we are to expect snow showers in the amounts of 3-6 inches. Now to my Northern friends that may seem like a dusting, but us Chicagoans have been snow deprived for many, many winters. Sure last year we had a few storms, but they're becoming few and far between. I remember as a child HUGE amounts of snow. I played in it all the time. My Dad use to bring home thick poster board for me to use as a sled and I would make my own hills in the front yard....aaahhhhhh....being a kid in the snow. What am I talking about, being a big person in the snow is fun too, you just get hurt more often!

www.weather.com radar at 10:15pm

As we speak it is snowing right now. I look outside the window and I see a white blanket over everything. The white of the snow seems to bring peace and cleans everything it touches. Tomorrow's pictures should be wonderful.