Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Watercolor Goldfinch

Here is the male American Goldfinch. I painted this over the week-end. There is a happy accident going on here, which unfortunately you can't see because the scanner didn't pick it up. A happy accident is when you make a mistake that turns out good instead of bad. My mistake was that I mixed my green color with a little yellow that had glitter in it. Actually it's Iridescent Medium, Winsor & Newton, you mix it with your watercolor paint and it makes it nice and shimmery. It's very subtle and not obnoxious. It was on my pallet from the last watercolor painting of the meteor.

The male Goldfinch makes me happy and glitter makes me happy. I always buy Hallmark, or whatever brand cards, with glitter on it. My Christmas cards, if it has snow, better have glitter on it. It's just better.

So, after this watercolor dried and I realized the forest was shimmery, I was ever so glad, because the American Goldfinch brings happiness where ever he goes!

Here is an appropriate verse:
"I know every bird of the mountain, and everything that moves in the field is Mine." PS 50:11
God knew my happy accident before I made it. He knew which direction this goldfinch was going to face before I painted it. He knew whether I was going to hate it or like it and I'm glad. He's always in control and I'm not, nor do I want to be. Let's take comfort in knowing we have a God that is in control, even if it sometimes feels like He's not, and we can turn to Him for strength when we've run out.