Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nature in Wilmington

My friend Spaz (an affectionate nickname, not mean) lives in Wilmington. She is my NBF (Nature Best Friend).We love to get lost on some hiking trails even taking day trips to places like Starved Rock in Utica, IL or Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL. While walking around her hood, we came across this pod which is 15 inches long. After searching in my Trees of North America book, I found a match for Northern Catalpa. It has large heart shape leaves and produces this large brown capsule which can be anywhere from 9 to 20 inches long! It's big! This one was laying on the ground and unopened. There were many strewn on the sidewalk and grass, much of which were open. I was expecting to find beans or something but could not find any.
Silly me, there are no beans but seeds with fringed fuzzy sides! Millions of them.

I tried to get a close up of the seed. Isn't it beautiful? There is a tiny "T" shaped seed in the middle. Feathery fringe makes it easy for flight, no doubt. Looks almost like a hairy plant cell, doesn't it?

This next picture was taken by Spaz's man Mike. It is a beautiful picture of St. Rose steeple and moon. Too cool!

So impressed I had to borrow his camera (left mine at home again, arrrgggggg) and take some St. Rose pictures myself. His camera rocks anyway, much better than mine, a Canon with 12x zoom!
This is an awesome sky picture. I must paint this sky in some painting. Can you spot 3 crosses in this picture? Clue: only one is on the church.

How about this partial night scene? They have an orange light shining on the side walls. I love this picture. Mainly because it's mysterious, partly because blue's complementary color is orange, and one more because it reminds me of autumn.

Spaz was so nice, she gave me this car smelly thing with a boo ghost on it. Her favorite season is also autumn so many candles, oils, and smelly things of autumn find their way in her home. This sent is spiced pumpkin and is a perfect compliment to crisp air. Thanks Spaz!!!