Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Monk Parakeet Friends

It is 49 degrees and sunny this very morning, perfect fall weather and guess who came for a visit to my house? That's right, it's true, my Monk Parakeet friends!!! I heard their loud screeches with all of my windows and doors shut. I love that sound. I could tell there was more than just three. Your can't see from the pictures but there were five! One must have been above my house, I could hear him but couldn't see him, another was above the three on the branch, but too many leaves blocked my view. Then we have these lovely three that were so gracious to pose for some photos. It was so cute they all huddled together.

The photos are not the best, I was in my house facing east and the sun is directly behind them. Plus they are about 20 feet away, I had to zoom in on the computer for these cropped shots.

Let's learn about the Monk Parakeet:
They are originally from South America.
They either escaped or was released around 1970.
They have adapted to our wicked winters by building huge stick nests, I mean huge, on man made structures like telephone poles, electrical poles, or on tree branches not in tree cavities, and are able to withstand temps below zero. Crafty!
They have flourished and colonized in urban areas but rely on human feeders and ornamental plants for year round food.

I am so lucky to have these tropical jewels visit my house. I hear them a lot in all seasons, but usually only see them at feeders in the winter months. This weekend is starting off on a good note!