Saturday, September 8, 2007

Deer, I love you!

Nice back side! Here is a mom whitetail and her babe feeding on grasses from the side of a prairie. I really love the deer. They must have felt comfortable because they allowed me to get pretty close. There were a total of three, one mom, two children. This was near a popular trail for runners, bikers and slower people, like myself. I think they've become quite brave and have adapted to people ooohing and aaahhhhing. Eat up little ones, winter is around the corner!!!
What a beauty! Is this cool beans or what? Look at his lovely white spots. I love his ears at attention, he's probably wondering what that strange human is doing. Nice goldenrod in the background, I couldn't ask for a better backdrop.
Here is his brother, (I just say that, I really don't know if it is he/she) notice his white spots too? He has the cutest black nose. After a stressful week this is the perfect ending!