Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beauty Never Ends

Look at how nature never seems to run out of breathtaking moments! This is the amazing scene that greeted me just before sunset a few days ago. That large tree you see is dead. Dead but beautiful, especially as a silhouette in front of a dramatic sky. Up close in person, you can see many woodpecker holes and large chunks of bark lying at the base of the trunk on the ground.
This I can promise, will be a pastel painting one day...probably one day soon because I'm so excited about it!

Here is another favorite picture taken about a half hour earlier from that same path. What caused this creek to become so deep? Could it be just a small amount of water eroding the path over several years? Did this creek have a lot of water rushing though at one time? Is the soil too sandy? These are some of the unanswered questions I ask myself in my head. After I get tired of thinking so deeply, I just say, "Look at those cool roots!"
Cool Beans.