Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mysterious Sky

This is what the sky looked like before all the rain. Several layers of clouds quickly whipping by, the lowest layer being the fastest. Something is coming.

How spooky and wonderful all in the same frame.
What wasn't wonderful however, was the area of the Illinois and Wisconsin border which was hit by a tornado the next day that had traveled 13 miles on it's January trek. A tornado in January in Illinois is unheard of.

The further south of the city you are, the more rain you received. Many low areas are still flooded, but thankfully I didn't need a boat and the streets were pretty much clear with only the ditches flooded in my area.

Record breaking temperatures are passing and a cool front is on the way with, get this......snow flurries tonight!?! Tornado yesterday, snow today?
Would this imply Global Warming or the Apocalypse?
Just kidding...