Saturday, January 19, 2008

Deep Freeze

Here in Chicago we are under a bit of a freezing spell. This morning at 9am, the temp was -2 degrees and right now it's a whole 3 degrees! Tomorrow's forecast is going to be much the same. Needless to say, I'm staying inside! That means unless nature comes knocking at my window, there won't be many photos this week.

Remember my inexpensive birdbath heater? Look at what a great job it's doing in -2 degree weather, that's when I took this picture. You can't tell by the photo but, the water near the heater is actually steaming! Even the stupid squirrels need water right now.

And here we have Stella having a breakfast treat. She is eating "Nutty Delight" made by C&S, sold at Sid's nursery and other places. I think this is the woodpecker's favorite. I notice a lot more activity with this flavor than others, or maybe I'm just coookie.
Speaking of Stella, I know we have more than one "Stella". There is a Stella with clearly defined black and white stripes on her head, as in photo, and there is a Stella with a different, more messy or undefined black and white shapes on her head. Maybe one day I'll get a clear shot of both to compare.

Notice my suet cage is different, the last one was green and had an opening in the bottom. Those nasty squirrels figures out how to open the bottom and remove the suet cake! They even chewed through heavy plastic cable ties that I tried to fasten as a lock.
No match for evil squirrel.
This cage has a side opening which I'm hoping is a little more difficult to open...we'll see!