Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Because We Love Snow

Oh lets enjoy a few more pictures from the Bullfrog Lake area, part of the Palos Trail System!
This picture was at the beginning of my trail and the snow reminded me of sand from the Indiana Dunes, with weeds growing here and there. That's exactly how it looks, except I visit the Dunes when it is much, much warmer!

Do you see that water pump? I don't know why it is there. I wonder if during the warmer months it even works? I saw several of these on my hike. A close up of the pump with trees in the background might make for a nice painting though.

This picture tells a story. Can you tell?
If you follow the shadows, you can see evidence of a steep slope. The left side of the slope is in complete shadow, away from the sun. The right side has trunk shadows riding uphill. I love how shadows follow the contour of the land. It is very clear against the snow. I am facing north in this scene, so you know it must be close to evening because the sun sets in the west and the shadows are casting towards the east. There is one tree that still has snow along its side. That proves that the snow storm was blowing from the south to the north...evidence all around us!
I love how much information you can get from a simple picture.