Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spruce Plot

This is one of my favorite spots at Morton Arboretum, the spruce plot. Can you see how dark it gets down that trail? It gets me excited every time! The spruces were planted so close together that the sky is a canopy of pine needles which blocks out the sun. If you can only smell what I could smell standing on this spot! It's wonderful.

Looking up you can see small pockets of blue sky. Right here is where I heard a woodpecker pounding away, but I couldn't find him. Which tree do you think he's on? There very well could be over a thousand pines, but I really couldn't count.

Poor little maple, you really don't have a chance. I respect your determination and your bright color in this dark section did give me a smile, but those guys aren't going to share any light with you. All the best of luck to you...

Doesn't this look like a post card? You can rest on this limestone bench after a nice long hike and lay your feet on three inches of pine needles. I just love how dark and quiet it is in here. When looking beyond the plot, everything looks so bright. It's like a different world in here, one that aids in quiet contemplation and deep reflection.

Happy Hiking!