Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blown Away

Chicagoans may wake up tomorrow morning to find non of these! Beautiful leaves!
It's a mild 43 degrees but very strong winds are now moving through the area. It is the very thing I dread every autumn. It seems that just when autumn reaches it's climax, a wind storm always sneaks in at night to steal all of the leaves. Its bad enough the season is too short but to steal all our leaves, now that's just mean. Don't be surprised if on your way to work tomorrow you ask yourself, "Hey, where did autumn go?"

I did however enjoy one bit of the wind. I stood under my pine tree, the one you see behind Henry in the previous post and held on to the trunk as the mighty wind whipped around. Now, I know standing under a tree in a wind storm isn't the smartest, but the pine is healthy and the boughs were actually making a whistling sound when the wind raced through the needles, it was loud and mesmerizing. I needed to stand underneath it. Anyway, I held on to the trunk and actually felt the tree sway back and forth in a dramatic fashion. I've never felt a tree move so much, it was very exciting and you probably had to be there. It's hard to comprehend the energy, the powerful force that was strong enough to have such an effect. Pretty cool.